Types of Lamination
  • At Mac Media, we have 3 different laminators to protect your prints.
  • We have a Small format laminator handling everything from a business card up to 12" Wide
  • Our Large format laminator is our standard machine and can handle material up to 40 inches wide.
  • Our Super Wide Laminator can handle materials up to 60 inches wide.
  • We have a minimum order of $12 for any lamination job.

Our Satin lamination is the standard we use. It is a total of 8 mil thick. It has a satin finish to reduce glare.

Our Gloss lamination comes in various thicknesses. Normally, 10 mil is a desired thickness. We can go to 15 or even 20 mil. Gloss lamination gives your print the best color that pops off of the page.

Our Matte lamination comes in 8 mil thickness. This provides you with a non-glare surface. It is more expensive than Satin or Gloss but is perfect for situations where glare cannot be tolerated.

Cold Laminate - For prints that have heavy ink coverage, we recommend cold laminate. This works very much like household tape - it's very sticky! In many situations, regular hot lamination will not adhere well to ink-heavy prints. Cold laminate overcomes these problems and has a non-glare finish as well. Vehicle Wraps are laminated in this way.

Adhesive backing - for those applications that require mounting, our Pressure Sensitive / Adhesive backed laminate gives you a smooth mount compared to spray mounting originals. This laminate can be used with a Satin, Gloss or Matte front.

Lexjet - This is our highest quality laminate. It's surface is textured to give the prints a great look. This is a cold laminate which will adhere to virtually all prints. The prints come out vibrant but without any glare problems. It is extra rigid - 20 mil and unrolls flat every time.

Floorgard - This laminate is similar to Lexjet but used for floor applications. Imagine advertising your message on the floor! It has an extra heavy duty surface, able to withstand high foot traffic.