Whether you have 1000 or 100 million documents, we have staff & know-how to get your job completed right and on time. Utilizing the latest in Document Processing technologies, Mac Media can handle your job. 

We can work with your back-end enterprise server or instigate a new managed document server, converting your printed documents to electronic format, OCR conversion to PDF searchable text, implementing innovative and effective QC methods, and eventually uploading to your document server and providing hard backups.

There are many vendors available at your disposal that do scan and conversion. Anyone can set up shop by getting a document scanner and some post-processing software. Whatever the method and equipment they use, there are bound to be QC issues that they will miss. Very few of them have EFFECTIVE QC techniques that can streamline the process. We have custom QC solutions that are unique and will address these issues giving you better throughput and assurances that the conversion is accurate.

For projects requiring the utmost security and confidentiality, we can even arrange outsourcing services at your location - assuring that all documents are managed in a closed loop.

We utilize top end Bell and Howell and Kodak scanners and post-processing software (Kofax and Captiva) and can handle up to an incredible 500,000 documents a day - enough for even the most robust job.

Our clients include top Fortune 100 companies as well as small legal firms.  You can trust that whatever your volume or security needs are that we will be able to accommodate.